ELP Steering Committee

The ELP Steering Committee enables, enhances and expands the education of our ELP students. The development of enthusiastic independent learners requires the purposeful unity of parents, teachers and administrators. As the official voice of the ELP parent community, we support this effort by encouraging and coordinating parent contributions of both time and resources.

Our collective contributions are used to support programs, curriculum and a nurturing environment where our students can:

  • Build a solid foundation of knowledge in preparation for higher educational opportunities,
  • Learn responsibility for themselves, each other, our community, and our country,
  • Become upstanding citizens and active contributors to the world they live in, and
  • Enjoy the process of learning in a comfortable and safe environment.

The ELP Steering Committee meets with the Administration and Faculty to discuss issues and provide support to the ELP program. We also conduct Steering Commitee meetings. All ELP parents are welcome to attend. Click HERE to see the meeting schedule.

Email whittier.elp.slc@gmail.com to contact any ELP Steering Committee member. Your email will be routed to the correct committee member.

ELP Executive Steering Committee Chairs:

  • Chair: Crystal Black
  • Chair Elect: Nicki Fuller
  • Chairs Emeritus: Anne Harges
  • Secretary: Erin Call
  • Treasurer: Libby Grigg
  • Principal: Greg Proffit
  • Teacher Representative: Tonya Aikens

ELP Steering Committee and Event Chairs:

  • District Liaison: Anne Harges
  • Cool-oquium Coordinator: Anne Harges
  • Fund Drive Chair: Missy Dawson
  • Geography Competition Chair: Kate Corrigan
  • Spelling Competition Chair: Lynn Wong
  • Math Competition Chair: Unknown
  • Battle of the Books Chair: Katie Warner
  • Website Chair: Crystal Black

Each ELP classroom also has room parent(s) who help the teacher throughout the year. Click HERE to see the Room Parent List.