We need you!

Much of the work from the ELP Steering Committee this year has been around making sure we have a plan to make our program the best it can be. We need volunteers who want to be a bigger part of the ELP Steering Committee.

Over the next few months, we will be asking people to consider stepping into roles within the ELP Steering Committee and to chair various events. We have created clear “job descriptions” for anyone interested- so you can see exactly what the volunteer position entails. Please consider taking a role within the Steering Committee. If you are interested please contact Anne Harges, Crystal Black, Brandi Curtis or send an email to whittier.elp.slc@gmail.com

Chair Elect

This position is currently filled by Crystal Black, but we will need someone to be chair elect for the 2018/2019 school year. There are various meetings happening before the end of the school year that the new Chair Elect could attend (which makes the transition easier). The Chair Elect will:

  • Represent the interest of the entire school and ELP program.
  • Act as an additional liaison to all ELP teachers.
  • Maintain job descriptions for ELP Chair positions.
  • Conduct survey of all ELP families for improvements, feedback, etc at the end of the school year.
  • Provide additional support to ELP Steering Committee members.
  • Perform the duties of the chair if the chair is absent.
  • Act as an aide to the chair, supporting activities as needed.
  • Serve as next year’s chair.
  • Attend school leadership meetings.
  • Attend other meetings as needed to represent ELP, if the chair is unable to attend.
  • Provide additional support to ELP events.

Fundraiser Chair

This position will be changing for the 2018/2019 school year. The fundraiser and Fall Social event will be split and we are taking a look at what makes sense moving forward. All the inner workings of the ELP Fundraiser are up for review and could be changed. We hope to find a seriously creative and passionate individual who wants to think outside the box for the best way to raise funds for our program. Proposals and approvals for a Fall Fundraiser must be made before the end of the school year, so we are looking for someone to fill this position now. The  Fundraiser Chair will:

  • Work with ELP Chair/Chair-Elect to determine theme and inner workings of ELP Fundraiser.
  • Help identify if a Silent Auction will occur and identify a silent auction chair, if needed.
  • Help identify needs for the Fall Social.
  • Write a Fundraiser proposal for presentation at School Community Council and ELP Steering Committee meeting.
  • Review fundraiser proposal with ELP Chair and Principal.
  • Present ELP Fundraiser proposal to ELP Steering Committee for approval.
  • Present ELP Fundraiser proposal at SCC meeting for approval.
  • Organize the ELP Fundraiser.
  • Work with Fall Event Chair/Silent Auction chair (if needed) to determine how events are related.
  • Work with ELP Chair and Website Chair for support of ELP Fundraiser.
  • Work with Volunteer Coordinator and Room Parents to staff Fundraiser, if needed.

New Student Chair

This position is new for the 2018/2019 school year. We hope to find someone who knows our ELP program and who is willing to be another point of contact for new Whittier families. The Open House and Spring Social events that occur this year will bring us some new families next year, so we are looking for someone to fill this position now. The  New Student Chair will:

  • Be an expert on the ELP program at Whittier.
    • Be a point person for new families to ELP and be aware of additional resources for answers.
    • Make introductions for new ELP families to ELP Steering Committee, Room Parents, and other class families as needed.
  • Support the ELP Open House (March 2018)
    • Work with District Liaison, ELP Chair, Website Chair, and Administration for dates of ELP Open House.
    • Work with ELP Chair and Website chair to maintain materials for ELP open house.
    • Work with Volunteer Coordinator to staff ELP open house.
    • Attend ELP Open House, if possible.
  • Attend Spring Social as a contact for new ELP families.
  • Coordinate survey of new families at the end of the school year to determine what improvements could be made for new family outreach.
  • Work with Kindergarten teacher to provide support for a Kindergarten Social (if teacher requests/approves).

January Dates

ELP Parent Information Meeting

The Parent Information meetings for families interested in testing elementary-age students for placement in Magnet ELP (students K-6th grade next year), will be next month.

January 9  and January 18

Both meetings are from from 6:30 to 7:30 PM in rooms 112-114 at the Salt Lake School District Offices (440 E 100 S).

All interested parents are welcome to attend. More information can be found on the district’s website here.


STEM Fair will be held January 17
Additional information has been sent home with students in 4th-6th grades.

ELP Steering Committee Meeting

The next ELP Steering Committee meeting will be Thursday, January 11, at 6 PM,  in the Whittier library.  Please join us for an important discussion and to provide your feedback.


The next PTA meeting will be Thursday, January 18, at 5:00 PM in the Whittier library.  SCC will be held immediately following at 6:00 PM.

Cool-oquium Thank You

The December Cool-oquium theme was STEM and all of the kids were very excited to hear more about these different fields of study.

Thank you to our December Cool-oquium speakers: Brian Baker, Matt Smith, Mike Lewis, James Thomas, Ilya Zharov, and Peter Alder.

We still need speakers during the upcoming months for Wellbeing, Creativity, Words, and another STEM session. If you can volunteer your expertise, please sign up here.

Geography Bee Update

The 2017 National Geographic School Bee was held last Wednesday, November 29, in the
school’s gymnasium. Thirty two contestants took turns answering geography questions on a stage in front of an audience. After seven tough preliminary rounds, six students (Anjali A., Henri D., Jerry G., Cash M., Kieran S. and Wyley T.) advanced to the final round.

Henri D. came in 3rd place, Cash M. came in 2nd place and fourth grader, Wyley T., won the Bee. We would like to congratulate all of our contestants and wish Wyley well as he takes the online qualifying test to compete for advancement to the state Bee.

A school wide competition like this cannot happen without the support of the administration, support staff, teachers and parents. We would like to specially thank Katrina Doty, Ms. Aikens,  Marcia Smith, Jianlin Shi, Elizabeth Payne and Ramon Guardiana.

And the biggest thank you to the thirty-two students who were brave enough to try to answer some very tough questions in front of the school community. Our 2017 contestants: Anjali A., Kaemon A., Lloyd A., Jacob B., Grey B., Xavier C., Macy C., Henri D., Evan D., Jerry G., Jason G., Joey D., Elizabeth H., Gregorio H., Hazel I., Wesley M., Cash M., Stathis M., Maxwell O., Graham P., Sadie P., Gus P., Leo P., Oscar P., Coby R., Kieran S., German S., Hanxiao S., Arthur T., Wyley T., Adrianna M. and Alexis V..
We look forward to next year’s competition!

Important December Dates

ELP Steering Committee

There is NO ELP Steering Committee meeting in December. See you after the new year!

ELP Cool-oquium

The next installment of ELP Cool-oquium is this Friday 1 December. The theme this month is STEM.

A big thank you to last month’s People and Places speakers:

  • Cynthia Newman
  • Tanja Kari
  • Weiquan Zhu
  • Jake Stucki
  • Dr. John Oglesby
  • Melanie Hucherard

For more information on how to participate in Cool-oquium, click HERE.



There is no PTA or SCC meetings in December, either.