Thank you December Cool-oquium

Thank you to December’s Cool-oquium speakers. We loved hearing about various STEM fields: Astronomy, Nanotechnology, Radiology, Family Medicine, and Math!

Our speakers were: Kyle Dawson, Brian Baker, Autumn Kieber-Emmons, Hank Baskin, and Meghan Everette.

We are still looking for speakers for next year (and beyond). The remaining sessions of the year are:

  • February 1- Wellness
  • March 8- Words
  • April 5- Creativity
  • May 3- STEM

If you would like to be a speaker for next year please sign up here.


Latin has arrived for Kindergarten

Our supplies arrived to start our Latin program in kindergarten! We will be starting this as a roll-out program so every year, the grade above will continue it. We are starting with kindergarten for 2018-2019. In 2019-2020, kindergarten and first grade will teach Latin and so on.

-Betsy Haslam (ELP Kindergarten Teacher)


Thank You November Cool-oquium

Thank you to our November Cool-oquium speakers who shared about people and places. The kids were very excited to hear speeches about different countries (New Zealand, Korea, Peru) and about Bulgarian Dancing!

Our speakers were: Gary Wong, Jinna Lee, Liliana Keyes, and Elena Asperouhova.

  • December 7- STEM
  • February 1- Wellness
  • March 8- Words
  • April 5- Creativity
  • May 3- STEM

If you would like to be a speaker for next year please sign up here.

Fall Updates

ELP Parent Meetings
There is one more ELP Parent Meeting for grades 4-8. This includes information for Jr. High testing. The next meeting is Thursday, October 25 from 6:00 to 7:30 PM at the Salt Lake School District Office (400 E 100 S). Students in grade 4-8 must be registered for testing by November 1Click HERE for more information.

The Community Builders Cool-oquium was wonderful. Thank you to Emily Hardy, Missy Dawson, Temma Martin, Jose Lozano, and James Erb for speaking. The kids were very excited to hear from you!

The next session is People and Places. If you have experience living abroad, speaking a foreign language, with biomes and environments, or geography and maps, please consider signing up. You can review the schedule and sign up HERE. If you have questions about Cool-oquium (what it is, how it works, or what is required) please email Anne Harges ( or email the Whittier ELP box (

ELP Directory
The ELP directory has been completed. If you would like a copy of the directory for your child’s class, please email the Whittier ELP box ( with the grade you are requesting and your student’s name.

STEM Sessions
In order to make sure every student has support to enter a science fair project, Ms. Aikens will be holding STEM Sessions after school. These sessions are open to any child in the school. We want to make sure every child has the opportunity to submit a great project. If you are interested in helping, please view dates and times and sign up HERE.

August Updates

ELP Fund Drive

We are right in the middle of our ELP Fund Drive. We hope to raise $10,000 this year, which will allow us to fund most of the wish list items from the ELP teachers, school-wide competitions, and ELP activities.

Donations are collected by the Salt Lake Education Foundation (SLEF), a 501(c)(3) entity. Use this Whittier link and be sure to choose ELP under the designation drop down. Choosing ELP in the designation will ensure funds come to ELP classrooms.

Matching charitable donations may be available through your employer. Please contact your employer for details. A receipt will be provided by SLEF for donations.

Parent Meeting

The ELP Steering Committee General Parent Meeting is this week, Thursday 30 August from 5:30 to 6:30 PM in the Whittier library. We will be reviewing ELP Steering Committee business, district and school business, and upcoming events. We would love to have all parents attend!

Save the Date

Please save the date for the Fall Super Hero Social on Saturday, 8 September at Lindsey Gardens (9th Avenue and M Street) from 3 to 5 PM. We would love to see all our ELP students attend.

ELP SC Planning Meeting Recap

This is a recap of the ELP Steering Committee Planning Meeting.

This meeting was held at Liberty Park on 8/2/18.

  • Sign In
  • School Registration help
    • The steering committee needs help during registration. This includes providing info sheets, bus forms, and verifying contact information.
    • Click HERE to sign up.
  • ELP Steering Committee Openings
    • We still have openings on the Steering Committee.
    • We need a chair elect for this year. Being chair elect would provide you a whole school year to “learn the ropes” and get ready to be chair in 2019/20.
    • We also need a chair-elect for Geography Bee. Being chair elect would allow you time this year to learn from the current chair.
    • We needed a Battle of the Books chair. This position was taken by Katie Warner.
    • We needed an Open House chair. This position was taken by Missy Dawson.
    • If you are interested in Chair Elect or Geography Bee Chair Elect, please reach out. If you can’t volunteer for a chair position, please keep an eye out for other opportunities.
  • Fundraiser
    • The fundraiser will be an online Fund Drive. Cash and Checks will be accepted in the office.
    • The Fund Drive is super-hero themed and all teachers have been given an “alter-ego”.
    • We reviewed the communication plan for the Fund Drive.
  • Fall Social
    • The Fund Drive will end with a Fall Social. This casual party will simply celebrate funds raised.
    • Each grade is responsible for an activity station. Room Parents will be reaching out for help with various activities.
    • We also need help manning tables for sno cones, popcorn, drinks, and donation collection.
    • Please click HERE to sign up to volunteer or to confirm your plans for an activity station.
  • Scheduled Events
    • Back to School Night- August 16
    • Fundraiser- August 20 to September 7
    • ELP Steering Committee General Parent Meeting- August 30
    • Fall Social- September 8
    • Cool-oquium- October 12
  • Faculty Updates
    • Mrs. Watkins (5th grade) has retired.
    • Mrs. Bigler (formerly 3rd grade) has moved to teach 5th grade.
    • Interviews were conducted for a new 3rd grade teacher.
    • We are greatly appreciative to Dr. Proffit (Principal) for including a parent representative in the interview process.
    • Due to non-disclosure agreements, we are unable to share information about the hiring process at this time. However, we had several strong applicants, and we look forward to announcing our new teacher soon.

ELP SC Planning Meeting

Hello ELP Parents!

It’s time again to start thinking about Back to School and planning for the new school year.

The first ELP Steering Committee meeting will be held this week on Thursday August 2 at 5:30 PM. This meeting will be held at the Northwest corner of Liberty Park near the Rotary Park Playground.

On the agenda for the meeting:

  • Help needed for school registration
  • Help needed for ELP Steering Committee
  • Faculty updates
  • Planning for the upcoming fundraiser
  • Fall party planning- specifically what is needed from Room Parents
  • Additional events that need parent support

If you are unable to make the meeting, but would like the updates, please check back on August 6 for a summary.

I look forward to working with you this year! Thank you in advance.

-Crystal Black

ELP Steering Committee Chair