Welcome Back

I hope everyone has had a fabulous first few days back!

I wanted to provide a quick list of information to you.

  • The ELP email address is: whittier.elp.slc@gmail.com, You can email this box for anything ELP and it will be redirected to specific people as needed.
  • The ELP website has been updated, check out all the new information!
  • The ELP Calendar is: here. This is the best resource for all things ELP. Note: this does not contain all school events or classroom/grade events. 

I am also very excited to begin this new school year with our ELP Fund Drive.

  • Donations collected during the ELP Fund Drive go directly to our program to purchase additional curricula and provide enrichment opportunities for students. Every donation helps fund some part of the ELP classrooms.
  • It’s easy to donate!  Visit the Salt Lake Education Foundation Whittier Website. Enter your donation amount, then choose ELP under the designation drop down. Choosing ELP in the designation will ensure the funds come to ELP classrooms.
  • Donations are handled by the Salt Lake Education Foundation (SLEF), a 501(c)(3) entity. For more information on tax deductible donations, please contact SLEF at 801-578-8258.  Matching charitable donations may be available through your employer.  Please contact your employer for details. A receipt will be provided by SLEF for donations.

As always, thank you for everything you do for our ELP Students and all Whittier Wolves!

-Crystal Black

ELP Steering Committee Chair


Steering Committee Meeting


Please join us this Thursday 2 May at 5:30 for the Steering Committee Meeting. This will be in the school library.

We will be discussing final details for this year, volunteer suggestions, and other details for the 2019/20 school year.

We desperately need volunteers for the next year, please come and learn how you can help keep the Steering Committee running.

The agenda from the March Meeting can be found here.

Spelling Bee and District STEM Fair

Spelling Bee

Congratulations to Olivia J and Elena G for winning the Whittier Spelling Bee! These two students will now represent Whittier at the Northern Utah Spelling Bee- presented by City Journals.

District STEM Fair

There were a total of 189 projects at the District STEM Fair this year. Whittier took 8 projects to district. Agatha H. and Havalah H. both took home the participation medal that was offered to fourth grade students this year. In fifth grade Colin W. received an honorable mention award, Wylie T. took home 3rd place, Linnea G. 2nd place, and Jason G. 1st place. In sixth grade Maya A. and Elena G. both took home an honorable mention award.

Colin W., Wylie T., Linnea G., Jason G., Maya A., and Elena G. are all moving on to the Regional STEM Fair in March. We are very proud of all of their hard work and cannot wait to see how they do at Regionals!

Geography Bee and STEM Fair

Geography Bee

The Geo Bee Finalists were:  Kieran S., Zachary S., Elena G., Oscar P. and Wylie T.  Elena took 3rd, Oscar 2nd and Wylie was our champion for a second year in a row.


Results from the Whittier STEM Fair for the 2018-2019 school year

Moving on to District:

  • Agatha H. and Havalah H. from 4th
  • Colin W., Jason G., Linnea G., Wylie, T., Maya G., Charlie B., from 5th
  • Maya A. & Elena G., from 6th

Silver Medal Winners:

  • Otis W. & Ciara L., Eva A. from 4th
  • Coby R.&  Oscar P. from 6th
  • Anna S., Ilario N. from 5th

Bronze Medal Winners:

  • Tera B. and Najma A. from 4th
  • Gabe B. from 6th

Special Shout outs!

  • Mrs. Haines 3rd Grade Class
  • Desmond, Imogen, Barret G. and Toby

Everyone did a wonderful job and our judges were very impressed. There will be another STEM Fair next year so get those ideas flowing and projects started. Any questions can be directed to Miss Aikens in Room 207. We had lots of parent support this year which helped our judging go quickly and fairly, so thank you for that support. It was also great to see such a wide range of ideas being presented by all of the students.

Thank you December Cool-oquium

Thank you to December’s Cool-oquium speakers. We loved hearing about various STEM fields: Astronomy, Nanotechnology, Radiology, Family Medicine, and Math!

Our speakers were: Kyle Dawson, Brian Baker, Autumn Kieber-Emmons, Hank Baskin, and Meghan Everette.

We are still looking for speakers for next year (and beyond). The remaining sessions of the year are:

  • February 1- Wellness
  • March 8- Words
  • April 5- Creativity
  • May 3- STEM

If you would like to be a speaker for next year please sign up here.

Latin has arrived for Kindergarten

Our supplies arrived to start our Latin program in kindergarten! We will be starting this as a roll-out program so every year, the grade above will continue it. We are starting with kindergarten for 2018-2019. In 2019-2020, kindergarten and first grade will teach Latin and so on.

-Betsy Haslam (ELP Kindergarten Teacher)